Music Videos Of The Day: Drake-Nice For What & Sabrina Claudio- Unravel Me/Confidently Lost



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In my opinon “Scorpion” is a 8/10. This ain’t no “Illadelph Halflife” he deserves his own sub-genre, cause he does it well. I don’t listen to a Drake project to get enlightened. This album is more for the vibe. This was the 1st album by Drake I purchased. I dig it.

Since “Scorpion” dropped I wanted to shed light on the visuals for “Nice For What” ft. Lauryn Hill vocals. The sample is from her classic track “Ex-Factor”, (The music video was released a few months ago).
Sidenote: I got a thing for Olivia Wilde.

Let’s not forget the gorgeous, Zoe Saldana.

This song fits perfectly with the cinematography. I like the fact that there wasn’t the typical video vixen.

All these queens in one video, like a rooftop view of the ocean. Love that it’s all powerful/ graceful ladies. Beautiful cinematography. That’s a understatement. Directed by Karena Evans (she did the video for “God’s Plan” too). I don’t mind joints like this being popular. Not every artist can do it, ego, or politics get in the way. Nothing groundbreaking, but needed. Give respect where it’s deserved.

I find this way more attractive than the over-sexualized version of “sexy” bullshit we see in most rap videos. Ratchet is cool, but subtlety is everything. I just appreciate women who can do the sexy thing with no effort, and still come off elegant.

(example: watch any music video by Sabrina Claudio, have mercy)


Incredibly talented, and beautiful. I love every track she drops. I find her music to be very poetic. (Amazon link to digital album)


This is the album for all of us who felt like something is missing in r&b, or soul in todays music scene. If I had to grade this joint, it’s a 10/10.

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