Dope: Pusha T’s Daytona. (Kanye West with his illest production)



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I still remember that feeling I got watching “Get Out” (Kanye’s biopic) for the first time. The sunken place is terrifying. I heard he had a relapse since his last escape. I got news for you though, I saw a glimpse of his old self on this album. What if Kanye is trying to infiltrate these uppity Republican circles for the sake of good? If he is then I probably blew his cover. I don’t care what anyone says this album is gritty, & beautiful. Pusha T has been criticized for overusing drug-related bars (What did you expect? His artist name is a clue), I just need the man to do what he’s perfected. I like my medical support from a licensed professional (no booger sugar addiction) with a good track record of healthy patients, I like my nutritional facts from a fit nutritionist (if your gut is the size of E. Honda from Street Fighter I’ll doubt you), and I only trust financial advice from a successful friend, associate, investor, etc. Basically, if you live/or lived it, by all means, do you. Are you looking for self-reflective hip-hop? I suggest some Mos Def (Black On Both Sides), or Common (Like Water for Chocolate). Daytona is masterfully produced by Kanye West with a top-tier lyricist (Pusha T). This album is explicit it isn’t for everybody (think of it like watching your favorite street movie). Pusha T can spit with the best of them, this album is certified dope.

Great Interview by Big Boy’s Neighborhood. Pusha T speaks on his issues with Drake, New album (Daytona), & more:

Daytona Full Album (Digital purchase-Amazon)


If you would like the physical copy (CD) /or the limited edition purple tape (cassette) you can get it directly from Pusha T’s merch store:

[Check his twitter feed for verification if needed]

Pusha T’s Official Merch Store


[although every track is worthy I rather let you guys discover the rest]

The first track drew me in. The intro with him doing some light work, then listening to that beat come in got me excited about the future of hip-hop. Listen to this with the best stereo system you got.

1. If You Know You Know by Pusha T

(Digital purchase of this song-Amazon)

Props to Kanye for my favorite guest appearance on this album. The man got a sense of humor. I love the chemistry they got on this track:

2. What Would Meek Do? By Pusha T [ft. Kanye West]

(Digital purchase of this song-Amazon)

The production on this track is beyond beautiful. Kanye we want you to win (make it easier for us to support you), and Pusha with the heat as usual.

3.Hard Piano by Pusha T [feat. Rick Ross]

(Digital purchase of this song-Amazon)

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